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"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."

Salvador dali

Digital art vs Traditional art

Digital painting is an art process in which traditional painting techniques are applied using various digital tools such as brushes, patterns, textures and colors, using a stylus on a computer or tablet supported by creative software. As with traditional painting, digital painting, knowing brush and color behaviour, brush types, sizes and object proportions, are crutial in creating the artwork. The main advantage is, the artist can arrange the artwork in various layers and edit each individual one. That gives the artist more options in the creative process, but the difficulty level mostly matches traditional painting.

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Creating stories on canvas and mixing colors, is what inspires new ideas, new feelings and perspectives. At each new creation I learn something new and exciting.

The artist

I’m a creative creature, constantly exploring & learning new techniques and methods and therefore expanding my perspective and imagination.

The influence

My greatest influence for art & graphic design is obvious: Salvador Dali for his highly evolved imagination and abstract vision to portrait stories in way no one did before. Not to mention his “gradiose” behaviour.

The perfect gift

Order your own digital masterpiece, original, authentic and one of a kind, created just for you. Its a perfect gift for christmas, anneversary or birthday. Its personal and misterious in the same time.